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We’re, and if you need high quality, cost-effective animation for your clients you’re clicking all the right buttons.

We’re a UK based animated video production team and we adore helping incredible Marketing, Design and Ad agencies to wow their clients.

Now that we’ve been introduced, have a quick look at our animation “mixtape” (we’re kids of the 80’s), where we’ve put together lots of clips of previous animations we’ve created so you can see what sort of thing we do >>

Animation from £1199+VAT per minute – Call Now: 020 3982 2165

Ready to offer high quality and effective animated video content to your clients WITHOUT the stress and struggle of finding and managing a team of temporary freelancers? 

Well that’s handy, because we’ve got your entire animated video needs covered – just say the word and we’ll ensure you can help your clients to tell their story in the most compelling and creative way imaginable. Check out our animation styles below >>

2D Motion Explainer

Using sophisticated animation techniques. Motion Graphics are compelling, state of the art and regularly seen in big budget TV and website advertising campaigns.

Whiteboard Animation

We’ve all seen them – a simple, often humorous, hand-drawn cartoon style of explainer video using the concept of a whiteboard illustration to convey a thought, idea, product or service.

Infographic & Iconography

An engaging and visually-rich video animation technique to present technical information, helping to make complex topics eye-catching, shareable and easy to understand.

Just let us know your clients’ hopes and dreams, and we’ll wave the wand.

Our wicked-brilliant animation team will handle every aspect of production – it’s all included in our fee starting at just £1199+VAT per minute*

*But you can – and totally should – be billing your clients for loads more because the level of value your agency is giving them is bananas. Seriously. 

  • Project Management – By your side throughout the ride. You’ll have a dedicated project manager making sure the entire production runs like clockwork. They’ll be there to answer any questions and send funny cat videos if you’re having ‘one of those days’.
  • Script – Our experienced animation copywriters specialise in creating compelling communications – they can script from scratch, or work together with you on that one you made earlier.
  • Style Sheets and/or Storyboards – This is an opportunity for us to show off our design skills. We’re aiming for total visual alignment with your client in the first draft but sometimes we need a second try and this is a perfect way for you to take a look and let us know before it all starts to get serious 😉
  • Voice – We work with the best voice actors there are to record and edit a professional voice over in a studio setting. So definitely no crackling…or doggies/daytime TV/pizza delivery guys in the background.
  • Animation – Now onto the reason we’re all here today. Our skilled animators work with top-of-the-line animation software to make it all move at 25 frames per second. That’s 1500 frames per minute. That’s a lotta frames. And we take pride in every single one.
  • Music – We’ll source the perfect royalty-free soundtrack for your animation and you rest assured that is a plinky-plonky free zone…unless that’s your thing of course, in which case, banjos at the ready lads!
  • Online Feedback – You, your team and/or your clients can easily review video drafts and collaborate on feedback through the online feedback platform with direct markup on the video draft. Say ‘hello’ to no mo’ confusion and ‘yes’ to being able to communicate exactly what you want at lightning speed.
  • File Delivery – We’ll send you files for download in full HD in any video file format you can think of.


We’re mega-experienced. We’ve helped agency clients of every size and in every specialism to communicate more effectively through animated video over the past 4 years. We’ve built animated content for the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world, global consumer goods companies, pharmaceutical giants and FTSE listed construction companies. We’re known for delivering high quality animated video that meets scope, timeline and budgetary goals EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

Also, did we mention:

We’re in the zone, and in your zone

We’re in the UK too, so we’re working when you are and you’ll be assigned a designated project manager to support you in your creative and commercial objectives. Video content is delivered on time, on schedule and on budget. Every time.

We’re super responsive

We can pick up projects with as little as 24 hours’ notice, so if you’ve got a fast turnaround project we’re always just a quick call away, ready to create the highest possible quality content for your clients at the most affordable price for your agency.

We’re scalable AND flexible

Whether it’s a couple of projects per year or multiple projects per month our scalable production service provides means that we can meet the tightest of deadlines. We understand the ebb and flow of an agency environment and pride ourselves in doing whatever it takes to ensure your clients project is a success.

We’re process driven, like you

We design a clear and comprehensive production roadmap for every project, taking into account your agency’s existing operational practices and requirements, as well as scope, direction and deadline. Online project management tools – yours or ours – ensure everyone involved receives timely updates throughout the production process.

Animation from £1199+VAT per minute – Call Now: 020 3982 2165